Throughout history, art has proved one of the most powerful and effective tools for communicating difficult, complicated, or controversial subjects. Artists play hugely important roles at the heart of our communities and society - as public voices, changemakers, influencers and inspiring voices. Their work not only helps us reflect on our past, it helps us imagine different futures. 

We were honoured to be the chosen curators of the Museum for the United Nations’s first exhibition: ‘My Mark: My City’ a campaign aiming to galvanise climate action with a positive vision of what sustainable cities of the future could, and should look like. 

 For this project we commissioned a series of experimental new works by emerging artists often working in difficult contexts. Providing each artist with small grants to develop their practice and an international platform to grow their careers It is our hope that these artists will continue to use their voices in global debates about our collective future.

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  • Climate
  • 24.04.20

As a travel company we don’t believe its enough to simply off-set the carbon emissions generated by our travellers flights. We have calculated a formula for the most effective way to ensure long term carbon capture that we are implementing in Bamiyan, Afghanistan.

  • 14.04.20

Coronavirus is impacting us all. However, for our friends and colleagues in Afghanistan the situation is already extremely precarious. We can't sit passively as the virus spreads. That is why we are launching a campaign to raise £18,000 for the health workers serving on the frontlines of this battle.

  • 14.03.20

We developed a collection of kilims with Norwegian Refugee Council who trained 20 artisans who have fled thier homes in xx . 

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