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Across Antarctica on Foot: Talk and Q&A with Zanna Baker
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  • 15.03.20

Talk and Q&A with ISHKAR's Head of Travel, Zanna Baker, on her world-record-setting journey to cross Antarctica on foot.Ice Maiden was an expedition in which a team of 6 women became the fir...

Film Screening: Where the Light Shines
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    Film Screening
  • 23.01.20

When two men compete to qualify in the Winter Olympics for the first time for Afghanistan, they realize that home is worth fighting for. ISHKAR hosted an evening film screening of Where the Lig...

Yemeni Pop-up Brunch: Meet me at Fatma's
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    Pop-up Brunch
  • 25.11.19

Yemeni cuisine is like no other; a fusion of Indian, Turkish and East African cooking born out of a rich history of trade & migration. And yet, despite its inviting aromas and depth of flavo...

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  • 11.07.19

We are launching our new annual magazine with a debate about the future of journalism. Journalism as we know it is facing crisis. Media budgets have been squeezed as appetites for free on-demand...

Legacy of the Hippie Trail: A Discussion with Antony Gormley & Other Guests
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    Panel Discussion
  • 07.03.19

We enjoyed a fascinating trip down the hippie trail memory lane with artist Antony Gormley, musician Richard Gregory, academic Dr Tommy Wide and designer Amelie Pichard. 

Film Screening: Afghan Star
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  • 29.11.18

We hosted an intimate screening of Afghan Star, a heartwarming documentary by journalist and film-maker Havana Marking at Goldfinger Factory. Soqotra is sparsel...

Film Screening: Lalia At The Bridge
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    Film Screening
  • 24.10.18

Laila at the Bridge is a deeply personal perspective on the global addiction epidemic directed by two great friends of ISHKAR, Elizabeth and Gulistan Mirzaei. We were delighted to host an intima...

War Gardens: Book Launch
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    Book Launch
  • 26.09.18

This extraordinary book...warm and a photograph magicked to life. - The Spectator. A journey through the most unlikely of gardens: the oases of peace people create in the mids...

Exhibition - Sophie Stafford: 'Rose of the Desert'
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  • 26.07.18

We exhibited artist Sophie Jane Stafford 's project 'Rose of the Desert' over Kensington Art Weekend 2018 in the Goldfinger Showroom. Sophie's work explores the interaction of modern and histori...



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