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Drawing on our years of experience working in regions perceived to be off-limits to foreign tourists, we provide small groups of curious and critically-minded travellers with access to extraordinary, yet rarely visited, parts of the world.

Our groups are accompanied by leading masters in fields ranging from photojournalism to conservation. We travel with masters to engage more deeply with the places we visit, and to leave the trip with new skills and perspectives as well as memories.

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  • Photography |
    M Paley
  • TBC 2022

Explore the soaring peaks and fascinating history of the Hunza valley for 12 days, with National Geographic photographer, Matthieu Paley.

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  • Journey |
  • Nov 2021

Journey around Soqotra – the sparsely populated Yemeni island of jagged mountains, pristine white beaches and one of the densest concentrations of unique plant and animal species found anywhere on the planet.

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  • Photography |
    MC Brown
  • TBC 2022

Explore the Northern and Southern Kivu regions of the Democratic Republic of Congo (D.R.C.) with the award-winnning photographer, and former D.R.C. resident, Michael Christopher Brown.

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  • Photography |
    S Norfolk
  • Nov 2021

Visit the Yemeni island of Soqotra and capture the beautiful and the bizarre on camera, guided by award-winning landscape photographer Simon Norfolk, who travelled there island in 2009 and 2013


  • Can't tell friends enough about our journey with ISHKAR in Afghanistan. I particularly enjoyed the small group vibe, the variety of activities and the warmth and hospitality of the leaders. If you are thinking about it, don't. Just go.
    - Annette Widtz, ISHKAR traveller 2019
  • It was an absolute joy travelling with ISHKAR - immersive, authentic and fun.
    - Annabel Illingworth, ISHKAR traveller 2020
  • The trip wasn't just about my view of the place, but all the experiences that I went through together with the group. It was an eye-opening and enriching journey.
    - Andi Iskandar, ISHKAR traveller 2019
  • Afghanistan is so much more than violence and war and you really feel that when you spend some time in Bamiyan.
    - Ellen Speissens, ISHKAR traveler 2019
  • Our trip to Afghanistan with ISHKAR and Andrew Quilty was an amazing adventure. Travelling was only topped by having a master photographer beside us, teaching us how to capture the experience even more vividly!
    - Glen Wilde, ISHKAR traveller 2019
  • The trip provided an opportunity to experience the other aspects of the country - pursuit of peace, fantastic landscape and kindness of people.
    - Chenhu Lui, ISHKAR traveller 2019
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