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The Destination

The Socotra archipelago is a relative oasis of calm, isolated in the northwestern Indian Ocean off the coasts of Yemen and Somalia. It is a land of high mountains, isolated beaches, and one of the densest concentrations of plant and animal life found anywhere on the planet.

From June to September every year, strong monsoon winds hit the islands, contributing to Socotra’s inaccessibility. This inaccessibility has been a blessing for Socotra in recent years. There have been very low levels of human impact on the environment of the island compared to other global biodiversity hotspots. The island’s population remains small (around 60,000), and was a barter-only economy as late as 1990. The island’s isolation also means that Socotra has been insulated from the ongoing civil war on mainland Yemen, making Socotra a safe and welcoming destination for the handful of tourists who make their way to the island each year.

We are now running several trips to Socotra to suit diferent travel preferences. Choose from a trip with the award-winning photographer Simon Norfolk, one that focuses on hiking and boating to rarely visited parts, or a trip that focuses on the unique wildlife on the island. We're even offering the opportunity to design your own bespoke trip with us that can combine these elements and be arranged for a time that suits you best.

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Journey by foot and by boat to the remotest corners of Yemen's Socotra Island for 8 days, joined by experts in ornithology and ethnobotany in November 2022 & March 2023.

This trip begins with a multi-day hiking focus, travelling on foot up Socotra's wadis and on to the island's highest peak, where 80% of the island's endemic species are found. After descending the mountains, we'll explore the island's south-west by boat, navigating around sea cliffs and sand dunes, to access the island's most remote fishing villages.

Who for? This one’s not for the faint hearted. We will be climbing to the highest peaks of the island and exploring the coves by boat.

When? November 2022 & March 2023

How much? $3990

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Visit the Yemeni island of Socotra and capture the beauty and the bizarre on camera, guided by landscape photographer Simon Norfolk. In this bespoke itinerary, we will travel across the island with Simon, experimenting and refining our photography techniques in front of extraordinary subject matter - Socotra’s unusual dragon’s blood trees, white beaches, turquoise waters and jagged mountains.

Who for?
Photography lovers! It’s a honour to be joined on this trip by Simon Norfolk who has been described by one critic as "the leading documentary photographer of our time. Passionate, intelligent and political; there is no one working in photography that has his vision or his clarity." Simon will give us insight into the ethics and storytelling of photography along with technical advice.

November 2022 & March 2023

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Journey with experts in ornithology and ethnobotany across the jagged mountains and pristine white beaches of Yemen's island, Socotra for 8 days in November 2022 or March 2023. The island is home to some of the world’s most unusual looking plants and animals.

Who for?
For those of you who are interested in wildlife like you’ve never seen it before! There are thought to be 825 species of plants on this 3,796 km² island, of which 37% are endemic to it! This is a rare opportunity to learn from Socotra’s inhabitants about how these plants have been used throughout centuries and lessons of how we can live in harmony with them.

November 2022 & March 2023

How much? $3990

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Looking for a truly unique experience? We are now offering bespoke trips to the magical Yemeni island, Socotra.

We will work directly with you to create an imaginative, personalized itinerary. Whether you're more interested in discovering the island's weird and wonderful plant life, snorkelling in its turquoise waters, or a combination of it all, we will tailor the trip to suit your, or your group's, requirements perfectly.

Who for?
With the bespoke option, we will work closely with you to design a trip to suit any need. It can be a combination of the above or something else like a family friendly, work retreat or truly unique honeymoon.

We can be flexible with these trips but they will still be between November and March to avoid monsoon season.

The cost will depend on what you go for.

For a group of 4 or more travellers, we can usually keep costs similar to the per person rates for our scheduled departures.

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