Carpet weaving is at the heart of Afghanistan’s heritage, but four decades of conflict have isolated the artisans from the rest of the world. Known for their exquisite quality we are thrilled to be able to offer our collections of contemporary and classic hand-knotted rugs and woven kilims.

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Unlike many rugs that come from Afghanistan, ISHKAR rugs are 100% produced within the country, from sourcing and dyeing the wool, to weaving and finishing of the rug. This means that Afghanistan's artisans capture more value for their work.

We partner with Label STEP and NGOs on the ground to ensure a comprehensive set of fair trade standards, including good working and living conditions, fair wages, the prohibition of child labour, and environmentally friendly production.

By producing your carpet in Afghanistan with ISHKAR, you will help spread awareness about the country’s rich and unique craft traditions while generating more employment for Afghan artisans at a time when economic opportunities are desperately needed.


All of our carpets are made-to-order, taking two weavers approximately four months to make. Every stage in the process is done entirely by hand, from spinning and dyeing the wool with natural dyes, to weaving, to finally washing and cutting the carpet to an exquisite finish.

The carpets are hand-knotted using Ghazni wool, a variety of wool unique to Afghanistan known for its luxuriant finish as well as its unique way of absorbing colour which gives the carpets Abrash - the technical term used to describe the mottled effect given by each strand of wool's subtle variation of colour. 

Our collection of Afghan carpets is composed of contemporary and classic styles to choose from, and is fully customisable. Please email if you are interested in a custom size, shape or colour, and we will get back to you with a quote. We also offer the option to include your initials and/or date into the carpet's design at no extra cost.


ISHKAR is happy to offer bespoke services to our customers having a specific design in mind.

Our in-house design team will accompany you and take your initial idea, sketch or painting to digital artwork to hand-crafted production, through a process blending creativity, ancient skill and new technology.

Once a design has been defined, you will be sent a sample of our carpet colour swatches for you to pick the colours of your choosing to perfectly match your home interior. Your carpet will then be handmade to order by weavers in northern Afghanistan, and will take 4-6 months to produce.

Please email for more information and to discuss a quote for your bespoke carpet.


ISHKAR kilims are spun from raw wool and have been finely handwoven in Afghanistan, combining contemporary design with age-old techniques.

Part of what makes Afghanistan’s kilims so special is the wool they are made from. Each strand of wool is individually spun by hand, giving the kilims great character. With its unusually long strands Ghazni wool is also famously hardwearing, meaning Afghan carpets can survive for centuries.

Discover the collection here. Our kilims can be made to order at a custom size. Please email to enquire.



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