The Unfading Valley


  • Hunza: The Unfading Valley
  • Hunza: The Unfading Valley
  • Hunza: The Unfading Valley
  • Hunza: The Unfading Valley
  • Hunza: The Unfading Valley
  • Hunza: The Unfading Valley
  • Hunza: The Unfading Valley
  • Hunza: The Unfading Valley
  • Hunza: The Unfading Valley
  • Hunza: The Unfading Valley

Hunza: The Unfading Valley

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Travel through the soaring peaks and delve into fascinating history of the Hunza valley whilst in Pakistan for 12 days, with National Geographic photographer, Matthieu Paley.

The total price and dates for the trip in 2022 is TBC. 

We interview all those that apply to join the trip.  Once selected, participants will be required to pay a $650 deposit to secure their place on the trip. 

To express your interest and for further information, please contact us at:, or book a consultation with us by clicking on the button above.


Explore the high altitude landscapes and ancient villages of northern Pakistan with world-acclaimed photographer Matthieu Paley.


The province of Gilgit-Baltistan where we will explore the remote, rarely visited and high altitude mountain valleys which climb away from the Hunza river in the extreme north of Pakistan.


We will be running a 12 day trip in mid 2022.


You do not need to be an experienced mountaineer or an expert photographer to join the trip. We seek those that are adventurous with a curious mind. A base level of fitness is also required for the trip.

We will be a small team of up to 8 people. Throughout the trip, we will be accompanied by a competent local guide who speaks fluent English, along with a member of ISHKAR and Matthieu Paley.

Due to high demand we interview everyone who applies to ISHKAR trips. Your group travel experience is as important to us as the destination experience.

Cost & Booking Information

The total price* for the trip is TBC.  A non-refundable deposit of $650 is required to secure your place on the trip.

Please note that by paying the deposit, you agree to abide by our Terms & Conditions.

For further information, please contact us at:

UK: +447946268180
FR: +33612101284

* Single supplement applied where requested.

** Where international payments are due, we request that you ensure the full amount is received, after all bank charges have been levied as per the price and currency stated on the invoice stated.

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If an item is out of stock you are able to preorder the item, so that you're first in line when its back. Once you have preordered an item we guarantee the order to be shipped to you within four months. If the item is delivered outside this window we will provide you with your money back. Often the order will arrive well within this four month period. Contact for more accurate information on when orders for this product are likely to be ready.

Terms & Conditions

Please visit our Terms & Conditions page for further information.



Gilgit-Baltistan is home to some of the world’s most jaw-dropping landscapes, with more than fifty mountains over 7,000 metres, and 5 over 8,000. For millennia ancient trade routes have snaked their way through the verdant valleys which lie between these high peaks, carrying goods, ideas and influences between south Asia, Afghanistan and nearby China. 

Even with recent upgrades to the Karakoram highway, this region remains stunningly remote. This is reflected in Hunza being home to some of the world’s rarest languages, a few of which are only spoken by a few hundred people. By securing special permissions, we will be visiting parts of the region few tourists ever get to see.

ISHKAR Travel - Explore Pakistan


Matthieu Paley is one of the world’s leading documentary photographers.

Matthieu knows Hunza intimately, having lived in Gilgit-Baltistan for four years. During this time Matthieu learned to speak the local languages Urdu and Wakhi, spending significant amounts of time with Pakistan’s remote pastoral communities.

Matthieu has published numerous photographic books, including ‘Pamir, Forgotten on the Roof of the World’, and has won a collection of awards for his work including International Photographer of the Year Award.

Scroll to the bottom of the page to see Matthieu's National Geographic video.


ISHKAR Travel - Matthieu Paley


One of the best things about going on an ISHKAR trip is the group of people with whom you travel. Our trips attract informed, critically minded and adventurous people from all around the world.

Some of you will be drawn by the prospect of spending time in the remote wilderness, others will be drawn by the chance to learn about a fascinating and poorly understood part of the world.

We get to know everyone who applies to our trips over the phone. In this way we can curate groups guaranteed to enjoy sharing this extraordinary experience together.  What unites everyone is the same curious spirit and desire to get far away from the typical tourist trails.

ISHKAR Travel - Explore Pakistan

Photographer : Matthieu Paley


The price for this once in a lifetime trip in 2022 is TBC.  It will include all food, transport and accommodation whilst in country, along with photography workshops with Matthieu Paley.  We will be assisted by guides who know the region inside out, providing access to areas rarely seen by tourists.

Email to apply now:

Book a consultation with us: Click here.
Call us on +447946268180

* Single supplement applied where requested.

** Where international payments are due, we request that you ensure the
full amount is received, after all bank charges have been levied as per
the price and currency stated on the invoice stated.

ISHKAR Travel - Explore Pakistan

Photographer : Matthieu Paley


We are uncompromising when it comes to the safety and security of our travellers and will not hesitate to alter plans or cancel trips due to changing security dynamics. In recent years, the security situation in Pakistan has imporved considerably.  We will be travelling to Hunza which is a safe region, out of the reach of any turbulence in other regions of Pakistan.

Please see our Travel Security page for more information.

ISHKAR Travel - Explore Pakistan

Photographer : Matthieu Paley

ISHKAR Team Members

Your ISHKAR point of contact for the trip is Electra Simon.  If you have any queries about the trip:

Book a consultation: Click here.

Electra Simon ~ Head of Communications
Electra has been with ISHKAR since its earliest days, leading on partnerships and design. Electra is responsible for pretty much everything you can see and touch related to ISHKAR. She has travelled to Afghanistan a number of times and was a pioneering member of ISHKAR’s first Kurdistan trip.

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Learn first-hand with workshops from Matthieu Paley about how to use your camera to tell impactful stories about the people and places we will encounter along the way


Take a deep breath and join local farmers as you cross the Hunza river on some of the world’s most spectacular suspension bridges


Pass time swapping stories with people from some of the world’s most remote and high altitude communities.


Spot Ibex as we drive up the Karakoram Highway towards China on our way to the world’s highest border crossing


ISHKAR Travel - Explore Pakistan

It was an absolute joy travelling with ISHKAR - immersive, authentic and fun.

Annabel Illingworth, Ski Afghanistan Traveller 2020

ISHKAR Travel - Explore Pakistan

The trip wasn't just about my view of the place, but all the experiences that I went through together with the group. It was an eye-opening and enriching journey.

Andi Iskandar, Bamiyan Traveller 2019

Is it safe in Pakistan?

In recent years, the security situation in Pakistan has improved considerably. In 2018, there were an estimated 484,000 visits by British nationals to Pakistan. We will be travelling to Hunza which is a safe region, out of reach of any turbulence in other regions of Pakistan. We liaise directly with organisations within the regions of our travel in order to remain up to date with any ongoing changes. We will be informing local authorities of our travel plans, using reputable agencies, staying on established routes, and will remain as a group throughout.

Why travel with us?

We are proposing a different new travel experience. With years of experience and a network of fantastic contacts, we want to show people the Pakistan we know. This trip will be about meeting inspiring people, visiting extraordinary places and experiencing a true adventure in one of the world’s most beautiful and yet least visited regions.

How will COVID-19 affect the trip?

In order to protect both our travellers and those that our travellers come into contact with, we mandate a strict set of COVID-19 protocols which include social distancing, usage of hand sanitiser and the wearing of face coverings.   Our COVID-19 procedures are based on up to date advice from the World Health Organisation in addition to following local requirements. Along with our security information, we ensure to send out our COVID-19 procedures document to every traveller.

All travellers (regardless of vaccination status) are required to obtain a negative PCR test result within 72 hours prior to departure.  Within 24 hours prior to departure travellers (regardless of vaccination status) must also obtain proof of a negative rapid antigen test result.   Proof of both these tests must be sent to ISHKAR prior to departure, and its cost will covered by the traveller, not ISHKAR.

Should ISHKAR decide to cancel a trip as a result of COVID-19 or should a traveller be unable to take part in the trip as a result of COVID-19, you will be offered options including a full refund as per our COVID-19 Travel Policy.  Any further questions, please take a look at our COVID-19 Travel FAQs, and our generic COVID-19 Protocols, or contact a member of the team:

What is included in the cost?

The cost includes domestic flights, all accommodation, guiding, transport/transfers in Pakistan, breakfast, lunch and dinner, entrance fees. It does not include international flights into and out of Islamabad, visa fees, insurance, excess luggage charges, cameras, alcohol, additional food and drinks, medical expenses, tipping.

When do I need to book?

As early as possible, this trip is likely to book up fast. Due to high demand and to ensure the best group fit, we interview all those that apply to join the trip. Once selected, participants must pay the $650 non-refundable deposit to secure their place. The final balance needs to be paid 60 days prior to departure - you can pay this online, or via bank transfer directly to us. To express your interest, please email us at

How easy is it to get a visa?

Very simple - we will provide you with additional documentation to help with your application, along with advice for your country of residence. 

Will we have a guide?

Throughout the trip, you will be accompanied by a guide from the region who speaks fluent English and knows well the mountains. In addition, there will be Matthieu Paley and an ISHKAR representative.

Do I need special travel insurance?

You will be expected to have full travel insurance that covers the region. If you are unsure if the policy covers you we can suggest the specialist insurance providers.

Will I be able to travel on my own?

We will stay as a group for the duration of the trip. You may choose to travel on your own before the start or after the finish of the trip, but whilst travelling with ISHKAR you are requested to remain with the group.

Do I need any vaccinations?

Please speak with your doctor to ensure you have the correct vaccinations for remote travel in Pakistan.

What do I need to bring?

We will send you a more detailed handbook before leaving, including recommended reading and clothing.

Where will we be staying?

We will be staying in a mixture of guesthouses in addition to camping whilst hiking in the more remote corners of the Hunza valley. You have the option to share a room, or to pay the single supplement (details on the application form) if you wish to have your own room. 

Can I come on my own?

Yes of course. Individuals and small groups are equally welcome. Personally, we also think this could be the perfect trip to experience with a friend, parent, child, or partner!

What is the food like?

All meals are included. Pakistani dishes are known for having aromatic and sometimes spicey flavours. There are vegetarian options in most places but please consult us if you have very specific dietary requirements.

When do I need to book my flights?

If you are thinking of applying, please email us at and we will send you the flights you will need to book, in order to ensure that all travellers arrivals in to Islamabad are coordinated.

Can I book even if I don’t live in the UK?

Yes of course. You will just need to arrive at Islamabad airport in time to catch the domestic flight.

Do I need to have a good camera for the trip?

No, feel free to bring any camera you wish, including just using the camera on your phone.

Do I have to be a keen photographer to take part in this trip?

No absolutely not. There will be plenty of opportunities to explore the region without your camera, and Matthieu will be happy to provide tips only if you wish to have them.



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