Kiana Hayeri

Kiana Hayeri

Kiana is a senior TED fellow and renowned visual story-teller primarily working for The New York Times as well as National Geographic. Her connection with Sarajevo was formed whilst living in 2012, working on a story about segregated schooling in a divided Bosnia. Kiana grew up in Tehran, Iran and migrated to Toronto as a teenager.

Photography provided a way to bridge the challenging gap in language and culture as she adapted to her new environment. Midway through university, she packed her life in a backpack and started a nomadic search for a place that could be called home. Looking back to her childhood roots, many of Kiana’s long term projects explore complex topics such as migration, adolescence and sexuality often in war-ridden countries; in 2020 she was awarded with the 2020 James Foley award for conflict reporting.






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