Zena Sabbgah

Zena Sabbagh in Beirut

Louise Gholam takes us into Zena's Beirut atelier in this short film below:

Zena was forced to flee Syria in 2012 and re-settle in Lebanon. Fascinated by craft from a young age, Zena sought inspiration in the antique printing stamps and textile archives found in the souks of Aleppo. It was this passion that led her to set up an atelier in Beirut where she now employs Syrian, Iraqi, and Palestinian women to create hand-embroidered textiles. United by shared experiences, these women have formed as they describe, a 'sisterhood', working together to build a second home in their new city.

Zena’s project aims to provide these women with the opportunity to generate their own income and a means of self-expression through creativity, which Zena believes is crucial in the healing process: fabric has become the language that Zena and the women who work in her atelier can tell their stories.



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