Tony Chambers

Tony Chambers.

Tony Chambers is editor-in-chief of Wallpaper* Magazine. He has worked with some of the biggest names in design, having been the art director of British GQ, and an editorial designer at the Sunday Times. Under his editorship, Wallpaper* magazine has been transformed into a highly-regarded global brand.

Chambers designed one of ISHKAR's designer carpets - 'The Printer's Rug'.

For this design, Chambers revisited a book project he completed nearly 30 years ago when at Central Saint Martins School of Art. With technology transforming the printing process in the 1980s and making traditional techniques redundant, Chambers made a series of prints of every element in the school’s letterpress printing room. He selected one of the prints to be reproduced as a rug, thus celebrating the skills of the forgotten craft of letterpress.




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