Malaika is a Cairo based studio that was founded in 2004 by Margarita Andrade and Goya Gallagher. In 2009 Malaika built its own factory employing 60 artisans, and in 2018 they opened their own self-funded embroidery school to train more artisans in the techniques and skills of entrepreneurship.

We began working with Malaika in 2020 on a collection of coasters & place mats that pay homage to Lapis Lazuli's long history of being traded from the mountains of Afghanistan to the palaces of Egypt. The scarceness of Lapis - and the purity of its natural blue - made Lapis a priceless commodity right up until the 19th century. The ancient Egyptians were obsessed with it; powdering it into eye shadow for Cleopatra, and using it to decorate the funeral masks of Pharoahs.




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