Lél is a Pakistan-based atelier established by Farhana Asad 20 years ago. Since graduating from Pratt Institute Graduate School of Digital Art, Farhana’s daughter, Meherunnisa Asad, has become the creative director. Lél employs a team of masterful artisans from the surrounding area, and artisans who have been displaced by conflict in neighbouring Afghanistan. 

The studio works hard to preserve, reinterpret and evolve the ancient art of pietra dura in Pakistan. Drawing upon a wide range of inspiration, from Mughal miniatures & Islamic architecture to silver cloisonné and scaglioli, Lél pieces are true works of art. 

We began working with Lél in 2018 on a set of lapis lazuli, serpentine and ammonzonite coasters symbolising the enduring connections between Afghanistan and Pakistan.  



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