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Each pin measures 3.5 cm x 2.4 cm, and is handcrafted in either brass on sterling silver. 

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What is the Pin Project?

The Pin Project is a global initiative launched on Kickstarter by ISHKAR and Far + Wide Collective. 

The iconic lapel pins are produced by refugees, displaced people and returnees in Jordan, Turkey, Burkina Faso and Afghanistan. By raising over $83,000 through our crowdfunding campaign we have been able to provide work to 62 displaced people, as well as training and equipment so that the impact of the project extends long into the future.

By buying a Pin you are helping refugees, displaced people and returnees in some of the world's most troubled areas move towards economic independence and a renewed sense of pride.  

These charming pins embody the surprising qualities of grace, resilience, and optimism shown by so many people who have fled with their families from armed conflict in their homelands. More importantly, they actually help some of those very people restart their lives, through creating - against a chaotic and bleak background - something simple and beautiful.
Will Carter, Head of Programme Afghanistan, NRC

The Design

The Pin is designed by the award-winning jewellery designer Jenny Bird. The kite is a symbol of hope and aspiration. It represents the power of humanity’s ability to rise above challenges no matter how great they may be. 

"Iraqis were some the first people to be sculpting stone, so I feel that I am doing something that is part of my culture ."
Moutaz, a 29-year-old Iraqi trainee, Amman



The Design for Peace project, led by Afrika Tiss and supported by UNHCR, provides income to Malian artisans living as refugees in Burkina Faso. Design for Peace recruited and trained 27 refugees to make the brass pins for The Pin Project. 

Danish Refugee Council

Danish Refugee Council (DRC) is international NGO providing help to refugees around the world. DRC recruited a selection of Iraqis and Syrians living in Jordan who were keen to learn new skills and broaden their employment opportunities. The local workshop in Amman produced both brass and gold pins. 


Small Projects Istanbul (SPI) is a grassroots NGO based in Istanbul, Turkey, supporting individuals and families displaced by war in the Middle East. SPI coordinated the training and production of the brass pins by Syrian women now living in Istanbul.  


Turquoise Mountain is an NGO working in Afghanistan, Myanmar and the Middle East to regenerate historic areas and revive traditional crafts. Returnees in Afghanistan made both the brass and the silver pins.