I travelled with ISHKAR to Socotra in March and had the most wonderful time. Challenging, inspiring, informative and full of adventure. The team was impeccable in leading the trip, from organisation to making sure each traveller experienced the extraordinary magic of the island and its people.

Sarah Lacey - Hiking and Boating Socotra 2022


Ishkar's Socotra trip was a dream come true. A beautifully crafted tour delivered by passionate experts and shared with wonderful people. An amazing experience - and highly recommended to anyone considering visiting Socotra, you are in expert hands! Thank you Ishkar!

Louise Fitzgerald - Socotra Flora and Fauna 2022


ISHKAR, Michael, and their connections in country provided a comprehensive tour and experience that I would not have been able to have otherwise. They made it possible to gain access to parts of Eastern DRC where we were able to learn firsthand from Congolese individuals. The connections and friends I have from this experience will last a lifetime.

Justin Applebaum - DR Congo with Michael Christopher Brown 2022


Ishkar's trip to Socotra was a truly once in a lifetime experience which we will treasure forever. We loved every minute of it, and wouldn't have changed a thing. Thank you for bringing this place to life for us and for making it so special.

Kate Bloomer - Socotra Flora & Fauna 2021


Ishkar and the local on-the-ground team did an amazing job making a remote island accessible. The staff was great, friendly, helpful, and knowledgable; the arrangements were logical and practical, and the experiences and guests were fun and unique.

Scott Blanksteen - Socotra x Simon Norfolk 2021


"This was one of my most memorable trips. Thank you ISHKAR for really taking us beyond the headlines. I feel in love with Pakistan – the people we met were so receptive to us and each place you selected was perfect. Thank you for being super considerate about how we engaged with the people and the environment. And I made some great friends."

Neha -  Pakistan with Matthieu Paley 2021


"I've travelled quite extensively on my own all over Africa but I was well aware that the Congo was a special part of this world. So I kept an eye out for a fine travel specialist like ISHKAR. Finding ISHKAR via photographer Michael Christopher Brown was a stroke of luck! Together with Zanna, Michael and a group of five fellow travellers I’ve spent ten days criss-crossing the beautiful Kivu and constantly improving my photo skills – a unique experience for which I’m very grateful!” 

Tamas Kiss - D.R.C. with Michael Christopher Brown 2021


"I was not centred around photography-- the experience was so much more than that. [Michael] did a great job going beyond his photography skills and giving context and stories about the locations as well. He was always open to help. I consider him a great friend and helpful teacher."

Jacob Schmidt -  D.R.C. with Michael Christopher Brown 2021


"[I] must say it was a most excellent first trip with Ishkar. I’m glad there’s a company such as this to enable visiting places in the world like the Kivus. Hard to believe arriving in DRC, let alone for an extended time, didn’t seem to be an option for me only a few months ago. Thank you very much again for your great assistance in making this a reality for the whole group."

Belton McMurrey -  D.R.C. with Michael Christopher Brown 2021


"Be ready to get your heart and mind changed. Positive impact travel made possible by Ishkar and their excellent local partners. I warmly recommend this trip to anyone willing to challenge false perceptions and obsolete fears. "

Sophie Strobele - Bamiyan with Andrew Quilty 2020


"I cannot thank ISHKAR enough for showing me this amazing country with me. Bamiyan shows there is so much more to Afghanistan than the black and white depiction of the country."

Alex Hall - Bamiyan with Andrew Quilty 2020


"Following the steps of amazing local individuals, you discover a great community. Skiing in Bamyan is paying tribute to their difficult challenge: bringing back Afghanistan brightest sides to the frontline." 

Oscar Fridel - Ski Afghanistan 2020


"It was an absolute joy travelling with Ishkar - immersive, authentic and fun."

Annabel Illingworth - Ski Afghanistan 2020


"Can't tell friends enough about our journey with ISHKAR in Afghanistan. I particularly enjoyed the small group vibe, the variety of activities and the warmth and hospitality of the leaders. Would jump at going on another ISHKAR trip without hesitation. If you are thinking about it, don't. Just go."

Annette Widtz - Bamiyan with Andrew Quilty 2019


"Our trip to Afghanistan with Ishkar and Andrew Quilty was an amazing adventure. Travelling through such fascinating terrain and with such welcoming people was only topped by having a master photographer beside us, teaching us how to capture the experience even more vividly! The trip organisation and guiding was superb and I've certainly made some friends for life by sharing such a rich experience together. Very highly recommended."

 Glen Wilde - Bamiyan with Andrew Quilty 2019


"Very glad to be part of the first ISHKAR Afghan travel. It’s fantastic spending 10 days with ISHKAR staff and our team members. We are helping each other during the trip throughout to explore the wonderful landscape and culture in Afghanistan. It was an unforgettable experience in my life. Thanks ISHKAR and my team members for delivering this travel into reality."

Chenhu Liu - Bamiyan with Andrew Quilty 2019



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