Inflated Ambitions

In September 2015, ISHKAR co founder Edmund Le Brun, along with his friend Jonathan Rider, became the first people to raft from the source of the river Oxus in Afghanistan.

Having never rafted before this trip, the first time they put their rafts in the water was at 4500metres, 12 days walk away from the nearest gravel road, totally and utterly unprepared for the glacial whitewater which lay ahead of them.

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Life's big questions
  • Afghanistan
  • 09.05.19

During our last trip to Afghanistan we tried to find out how Kabulis respond to life's big questions. What are your tips for a successful marriage? What is your most treasured possession? Do Afghans respond differently to Londoners? We find out...

Rafting in Pakistan
  • Pakistan
  • 05.02.19

In 2018 ISHKAR co-founder Edmund Le Brun, and Jonathan Rider, rafted the length of the Hunza Valley in northern Pakistan. Their calamitous journey revealed a side to Pakistan rarely seen in the news. Watch the BBC Travel Show's coverage of their adventure.

  • Mali
  • 04.04.17

Islamist militants have returned Timbuktu to the remoteness which made it famous. We travelled to Timbuktu to meet craftsmen who have been cut off from international markets due to the fragile security situation.

The Art of Jali
  • 13.11.16

Afghan craftsmen create stunning geometric screens by linking together a web of intricate slices of walnut wood. This art form - known locally as 'jali' - was once found in buildings all over Afghanistan. Today, there are very few expert Jali makers left. Nasser Mansouri, is one of them.

One week in Kabul in one minute
  • Afghanistan
  • 13.11.16

Join Edmund and Flore as they spend a week in Kabul travelling around the city, meeting artisans and developing new products. 

  • 13.11.16

In a live interview on BBC World News ISHKAR co founder Edmund Le Brun discusses the challenges Afghanistan's craftsmen face and how ISHKAR hopes to overcome them. 

ISHKAR Cufflinks: how are they made?
  • 13.11.16

From silver ingot, to the cutting and setting of raw Lapis Lazuli, this short film shows the eleven intricate steps which goes into each our best selling cufflinks.

Afghan Carpets: Cutting, Washing, Profiting
  • 13.11.16

90% of Afghanistan's carpets are exported to Pakistan, where they are cut, washed and sold onto international markets. By not finishing the carpets within Afghanistan, Afghanistan's economy loses approximately $450 million every year. ISHKAR's carpets are 100% made in Afghanistan - from weaving to the final finish - meaning the people who weave the rugs get more value for their work.

The Making of ISHKAR Knives
  • 13.11.16

Watch, step by step, as Jonathan Rider puts together one of ISHKAR's limited edition knives.

Our Story
  • 13.11.16

What is ISHKAR and why did we set it up? Discover our story

ISHKAR - What does it mean?
  • 04.11.16

This footage of 1970s Afghanistan gives an insight into our unusual name.

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