Turquoise Mountain Afghanistan

The Turquoise Mountain Foundation is a British NGO dedicated to the regeneration of the old city of Kabul, and the revival of Afghanistan’s traditional arts. Founded in 2006 by HRH The Prince of Wales in partnership with former President of Afghanistan HE Hamid Karzai, the Foundation supports Afghan artisans by providing them with three years of technical training, as well as a full range of business support following graduation.

As well as restoring over a hundred historic buildings at risk - they have restored 150 to date - Turquoise Mountain has helped rescue many of Afghanistan’s traditional arts from the brink of extinction, nurturing a generation of talented artisans capable of exhibiting their work on the world stage.

Turquoise Mountain now not only works in Afghanistan, but also in Myanmar, Saudi Arabia and Jordan. See more on their website.

Alongside Turquoise Mountain's work with tangible heritage in the old city of Kabul, Turquoise Mountain has also set up a maternal health clinic and primary school in the local community.

To find out more about Turquoise Mountain's amazing work visit www.turquoisemountain.org



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