Sajjad Husaini

Sajjad Husaini is from Bamiyan province, and his aspiration is to offer the world a different view of Afghanistan. “A lot of people are surprised when they first meet us,” he says, “they say, ‘You are Afghans? But I thought all Afghans were terrorists or refugees.’” 

Very talented skier, he trained tirelessly in St Moritz to compete with western athletes that had the opportunity to ski from very early. He was invited to the Pyeongchang Games in South Korea in February 2018. 

As a founding member of the Bamiyan Ski Club, he hopes for Afghanistan to soon have the basic infrastructure to train young athletes. There are no lifts, prepared slopes, or gondolas in Afghanistan. In order to ski, people have to walk up a hill and then ski down. “You sometimes walk up for two hours just to ski down for five minutes. It’s hard work.”



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