One of ISHKAR's core missions is to reveal a side to war-torn countries rarely seen in the news. One way to do this is with our products, photography and events. But we wanted to take it a step further. In 2019 we are pioneering trips to Iraqi Kurdistan and Afghanistan led by award-winning artists and photographers.


Band-e Amir, Bamiyan by Alex Treadway

Bamiyan Valley by Alex Treadway

Bamiyan by Alex Treadway

Bamiyan by Alex Treadway

Band-e Amir by Alex Treadway

Bamiyan by Alex Treadway



This year we have two fantastic trips available. In September we will be heading to Bamiyan, Afghanistan, where we will be accompanied by Andrew Quilty, one of the world's most accomplished photojournalists.

In October we will explore Iraqi Kurdistan, where we will be led by George Butler, an award-winning reportage artist, and Nabil Musa, an artist and environmentalist known as Iraq's 'waterkeeper'.

Read more about each trip here:



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