Najiba Noori was born in 1995 in Qom, Iran. her family emigrated to Iran to escape from the ongoing civil war in Afghanistan. Noori started school in Iran, and after her family returned to Afghanistan in 2004 she continued her education at a high school in Bamyan.

Najiba has practiced photography and videography since 2015. She has worked on documentary photography projects for various organizations and agencies, including the AFP, BBC, Huffington Post, Afghanistan Today and MSF. Most of her works are about women in Afghanistan.

Najiba has been documenting women’s issues in her movies and photos for many years. Afghanistan is a society where violence is increasing day by day, also against women. Through her work she wants to be a voice for women who are not aware of their rights and unable to raise their own voice.

Najiba works currently as video journalist for AFP (Agency France Press) in Afghanistan.




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