Afghanistan | Bamiyan Skiing

We had the winter trip of a lifetime. Skiing the untouched powder of Afghanistan and  visiting ancient historic sites nestled in the spectacular mountains of Koh-e Baba.



Bamiyan lies between the ancient mineral streaked Hindu Kush mountains and the soaring sharp peaks of the Koh-e Baba. Bamiyan’s valleys are full of ancient ‘Qala’ - mud brick fortresses and crumbling ruins dating back to when Genghis Khan laid ruin to the region.

Bamiyan is a safe and peaceful part of Afghanistan, populated by the Hazara people, viciously persecuted by the Taliban during their rule.

We flew directly from Kabul into Bamiyan, avoiding the parts of Afghanistan which draw international headlines.

We explored the mountains with Afghanistan's ski pioneers. As national representatives for the sport, and growing up within the province, they are founding members of the Bamiyan Ski Club - Afghanistan’s first and only ski club.  

Coming from a small village in Afghanistan, they never dared to dream about joining the Winter Olympics. But they were given the chance to train in St. Moritz during three consecutive seasons, and was invited to the Pyeongchang Games in South Korea in February 2018.

Enthusiastic about spreading their love for skiing in their home country, one of our guides also created the first ski lift, fashioning it out of a wheelbarrow, a rope and a motorcycle.


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