• 18.06.21

  ISHKAR traveller Annabel Illingworth writes about her experience Skiing in Afghanistan in 2020. You can read the full article here

The National News
  • 14.03.21

ISHKAR spoke to The National News about the process of launching an online marketplace for artisans living in war-torn countries.

  • 04.03.21

ISHKAR was featured in Livingetc as part of an article on zero waste craft.  'While the craftspeople we work with are attuned to the global conversation, they tend not to frame their work as ...

  • 19.01.21

ISHKAR lapis tumbler featured in Wallpaper* Design Awards 2021.

Positive News
  • 18.01.21

'The Covid facemasks that support people living in conflict zones' ISHKAR's series of "peace face masks" made in Ukraine, Somalia and Columbia were featured in Positive.News

  • 13.01.21

'In this interview, ISHKAR co-founder Flore de Taisne says she hopes to change perceptions of places labelled as war zones.'

I-D Vice
  • 30.12.20

Louise Follain shares in I-D photos from her trip with ISHKAR to the Bamiyan Province. 'Providing another vision of countries at war, through photographic stories, is one of the missions that...

Pretty Good Business
  • 18.12.20

ISHKAR co-founder Edmund Le Brun spoke to Pretty Good Business about the importance of believing in your brand and the ins and outs of running a social business. Pretty Good Business is the p...

The Times
  • 09.12.20

ISHKAR was featured in The Times' "best UK homeware and furniture sales for winter 2020".



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