We are excited to announce the first ever ISHKAR Festival!

Taking place over a week, join us for a series of inspiring talks, events and workshops led by some of London's most exciting authors, photographers and emerging designers and brands. Throughout the period of the festival we will also be running a pop-up shop which will showcase ISHKAR products alongside other amazing brands.

All events are subject to booking and spaces are limited so we recommend booking early to guarantee your place.


Wednesday, 29 September 2021 - Thursday, 7 October 2021
75 Columbia Road, E2 7RG London



ISHKAR in conversation with photographer Simon Norfolk:

Simon Norfolk’s work has garnered accolades including The Infinity Prize from the International Center of Photography, the European Publishing Award and multiple World Press Photo and Sony World Photography awards.

We will be talking to Simon about why he refuses to be referred to as a 'photojournalist' and discuss his work as it has explored the meaning of the word 'battlefield'. Simon has spent much of his career capturing images from the frontline of military conflict and climate conflict zones, including Soqotra (Yemen) and Afghanistan; in these locations he strives to show the hidden complexities of conflict regions in stark contrast to traditional conflict photography.

Wednesday, 29 September 2021
19:00 – 21:30 BST

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Print Design Process Workshop:

Join print textile designer and recent RCA graduate, Flora Duke, for a workshop that will take you through the initial processes of print design, focusing on the slow and important initial drawing/collaging stages leading to a final design. There will be a range of flowers and objects to draw from and be inspired by.

The workshop will last 2 hours and you will leave with your very own A3 finished artwork on cotton rag paper. All materials will be supplied but feel free to bring any materials that you particularly like working with. Suitable for all levels and everyone is welcome!

Thursday, 30 September 2021
14:00 – 16:00 BST

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DARK NEIGHBOURHOOD by Vanessa Onwuemezi: A Reading

ISHKAR will be joined by Vanessa Onwuemezi for a reading from her forthcoming short story collection, Dark Neighbourhood, published by Fitzcarraldo Editions.

In Dark Neighbourhood, Vanessa Onwuemezi takes readers on a surreal and haunting journey through a landscape on the edge of time. Struggling to realize the human ideals of love and freedom, the characters of Dark Neighbourhood roam instead the depths of alienation, loss and shame. With a detached eye and hallucinatory vision, they observe the worlds around them as the line between dream and reality dissolves and they themselves begin to fragment.

After the reading, Vanessa will be available to answer questions and sign copies. Early copies of Dark Neighbourhood will be available for purchase, a week before publication date. Your ticket can be used as a voucher to take £3 off the price of any Fitzcarraldo Editions books for sale at the pop-up shop.

Thursday, 30 September 2021
19:00 – 21:00 BST

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Heritage and Innovation: Contemporary Mexican Designed rooted in history:

Raffaella Goffredi, founder and director of Revolution of Forms, invites you to a special evening talk exploring Mexican crafts and design.

Exploring how ancient craft traditions are translated successfully in beautiful contemporary objects, the talk will bring you on a journey of discovery through some key objects from Revolution of Form's first capsule collection.

From handwoven textiles made in Chiapas to the rich and varied examples of pottery from Oaxaca, learn how contemporary designers in Mexico are respectfully and ethically collaborating with artisans communities to revive traditional techniques and forms.

Friday, 1 October 2021
18:30 – 19:30 BST

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Still Life Drawing Workshop with Nadine Mos:

Join artist & designer Nadine Mosallam for a still life drawing workshop, exploring sculptures as still life.

Suitable for beginners and curious minds, this class will teach you the first steps of drawing through studying light, form and details of still life. This 2 hour workshop will guide attendees through sketching a body of sculptural studies which you will be taking home carefully wrapped by the artist.

In addition to running her eponymous womenswear label, Nadine Mosallam is a self taught artist and sculptor based in London. Her discipline and inspiration draws from her heritage and daily explorations which the artist uses to create a playful interpretation of "home".

Saturday, 2 October 2021
13:00 – 15:00 BST

For those who are unable to attend in person, this class is also available to attend online for an at-home experience where you will be guided through a 2 hour class from 16.00 – 18.00 BST

Book your spot here.


Natural bundle dye workshop with Slow and Sow:

Suitable for complete beginners, in this taster class you will learn how to create with dried and fresh flowers on organic silk, using a binding and steaming process, to take home your own 55cm x 55cm silk bandana.

While your silk bundles brew, Lizz and Charlotte of Slow and Sow will share their journey with plant dyes and explore the joy and freedom of working with nature, foraging in your garden or local green spaces, and discuss the spectrum of colour and tones that can be produced using seasonal plants, pigments and food waste.

Sunday, 3 October 2021
14:00 – 16:00 BST

Book your spot here.

Exploring cultural identity in architecture:

This talk will discuss cultural identity in architecture and design, exploring the journey to conception of Wadhal with the ideas, people and places encountered on the way. It looks to explore a tapestry of influences leading to a developing design approach as an emerging architecture practice, while showcasing previous and current projects.

Wadhal is an architecture studio in London, founded by Fahad Malik. Wadhal translates to an increase, surplus or the notion of exceeding limitations. It is the regional name for a tribe associated with Mianwali, Namal Lake and the surrounding land in Pakistan.

Sunday, 3 October 2021
16:30 – 17:30 BST

Book your spot here.

Yemeni Cooking Workshop - A Journey Across Yemen through Food and Craft:

ISHKAR will be joined by Fatma Al-Baiti, founder of ‘Meet me at Fatma’s’, London's only Yemeni brunch club as she teaches us how to make classic dishes cooked in traditional stoneware cooking pots, or maglas.

In 2021, ISHKAR launched a collection of these cooking pots, hand-carved by artisans in natural soapstone from the mountains of Razih in Sa’ada, Yemen. We are thrilled to be able to showcase these beautiful cooking pots alongside the demonstration as we will delve into the significance of these objects in Yemeni culture, and tradition that has unfortunately been overshadowed by conflict in recent years.

Thursday, 7 October 2021
19:00 – 21:00 BST

Book your spot here.

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Trouvez plus de nos morceaux içi

ISHKAR Christmas Agenda
  • 10.11.21

ISHKAR will be popping up across London and beyond all throughout the months of November and December. This is the perfect time to join us for som...

À travers l'Antarctique à pied: conversation et questions / réponses avec Zanna Baker
  • Talk
  • 15.03.20

Entretien et Q&A avec Zanna Baker, responsable des voyages chez ISHKAR, lors de son voyage record mondial pour traverser l'Antarctique à pied.

'Ice Maiden' était une expédition de 6 femmes qui est devenue la première équipe féminine à traverser l'Antarctique en utilisant uniquement la puissance musculaire. En janvier 2018, l'expédition a parcouru 1704 km en 61 jours. Zanna Baker est l'une des 6 femmes à avoir participer à cette expédition. Elle est aussi la première équipe à traverser l'Antarctique sans expérience polaire préalable.

Projection: Where the Light Shines
  • Film Screening
  • 23.01.20

Lorsque deux hommes s'affrontent pour se qualifier aux Jeux olympiques d'hiver pour la première fois pour l'Afghanistan, ils se rendent compte que leur patrie vaut la peine de se battre.

'Where the Light Shines' est le premier documentaire du photographe lauréat du prix Pulitzer Daniel Etter avec une superbe photographie d'Angello Faccini. Il est produit par Marcel Mettelsiefen et Stephen Ellis avec Steven Sawalich d'Articulus Entertainment (nominés aux Oscars).

Brunch pop-up yéménite : Retrouvez-moi chez Fatma
  • Pop-up Brunch
  • 25.11.19

La cuisine yéménite ne ressemble à aucune autre ; une fusion de la cuisine indienne, turque et est-africaine née d'une riche histoire de commerce et de migration. Et pourtant, malgré ses arômes invitants et la profondeur de ses saveurs, elle est presque inconnue.

  • Screening
  • 11.07.19

Nous lançons notre nouveau magazine annuel avec un débat sur l'avenir du journalisme. Le journalisme tel que nous le connaissons est confronté à une crise. Les budgets des médias ont été réduits à mesure que l'appétit pour le contenu gratuit à la demande est devenu de plus en plus rapace.

Projection de film: Afghan Star
  • Screening
  • 29.11.18

Nous avons organisé une projection intime de Afghan Star, un documentaire du journaliste et cinéaste Havana Marking.

Projection de film: Lalia At the Bridge
  • Film Screening
  • 24.10.18

Laila Haidari a survécu à un passé traumatisant pour affronter l'un des problèmes les plus meurtriers en Afghanistan: la dépendance à l'héroïne. Cette femme incroyable s'occupe des toxicomanes à l'héroïne vivant sous un pont à Kaboul. Elle le fait par le biais de son propre programme Narcotiques Anonymes.

  • Book Launch
  • 26.09.18

Un voyage à travers le plus improbable des jardins: les oasis de paix créées par les hommes en pleine guerre.

  • Exhibition
  • 26.07.18

Nous avons exposé le projet «Rose of the Desert» de l'artiste Sophie Jane Stafford pendant le Kensington Art Weekend 2018 dans le showroom Goldfinger. Le travail de Sophie explore l'interaction des traditions modernes et historiques lors du Festival international du Sahara.

  • Workshop
  • 23.03.18

Au cours des dernières semaines, nous avons commencé à organiser une série d'ateliers pour vous permettre de connaître davantage l'artisanat que nous vendons. Nous avons eu beaucoup la chance que Nasser vienne enseigner les bases de la sculpture sur bois Nuristani.

  • Panel Discussion
  • 28.02.18

Hier soir, nous avons eu la chance de recevoir deux docteurs renommés, dont leur intervention portée sur la thématique de la préservation du patrimoine culturel dans les zones de guerre

  • Talk
  • 31.01.18

La nuit dernière, nous avons été ravis d'accueillir l'artiste et illustrateur primé George Butler, au Koppel Project.

  • Pop-Up
  • 21.12.17

Nous avons collaboré avec nos bons amis de Walk the Talk pour organiser une petite fête pour faire des courses de Noël "dernière minute".

  • Talk
  • 19.12.17

La nuit dernière, ISHKAR et Shoshana Steweart, PDG de Turquoise Mountain, ont organisé une conférence sur les bijoux durables dans les zones de conflits, les designers primés Pippa Small et Arabel Lebrusan étaient présentes.

  • Talk
  • 25.10.17

Le 24 octobre a été un grand honneur d'accueillir Marwa Al Sabbouni, conférencière, architecte et oratrice au TED.

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