Amu Darya Carpet

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The Amu Darya Carpet is inspired by the Amu Darya river which flows through northern Afghanistan.

Size: 140cm x 195cm

We know getting the right carpet for your home is important. That's why we are offering a one month trial period, where you can try it out and see for yourself. If the carpet is returned within a month we will offer a full refund (excluding shipping) from anywhere within Europe.

Pricing is based on the measurements stated, however, this rug can be tailor made exactly to your requirements. Please email for more information. 


Once the carpet is completed the rug will shipped directly to your door. Shipping prices will be included in the price of your order. 


Each carpet is made to order and takes approximately 3 months to produce. 


Basic care:

  • Vacuum rugs lightly
  • Avoid direct and prolonged sunlight exposure
  • Do not treat with stain products
  • If a stain occurs, act quickly preventing it from drying
  • Tips for cleaning the most common household stains:
  • The most important thing is to act quickly before the stain dries.
  • If the stain was caused by liquid, use paper towels to absorb. Work gently from the edges toward the center, so the problem area does not expand.
  • For wine, coffee and tea, try to absorb as quickly as possible. Then apply a solution of warm water, detergent and white vinegar with a damp sponge. Wipe with clean cloth and let dry. If the stain persists, have it professionally cleaned.
  • For spots of oil, chocolate, lipstick, nail polish, or ink: scrub – then soak – as much of the stain as possible with a white cloth or paper towel. Clean the rug professionally. Professional dry cleaning is always the best option for stubborn or dried stains.


  • We will be happy to offer a full refund (excluding shipping) on items returned within 30 days of receipt of delivery for customers within Europe. 
  • Returned items must be unworn, unwashed and undamaged products purchased directly from
  • Proof of purchase is required.
  • For defective, damaged or incorrect items, please notify us within five days of delivery in order to receive a refund/exchange.
  • Email us at to organise the return.  


Each carpet is hand-knotted, taking two weavers approximately three months to make. Every stage in the process is done entirely by hand, from spinning the wool, to dying the wool with dyes and weaving the carpet, to finally washing and cutting the carpet to an exquisite finish.


Unlike many rugs that come from Afghanistan, each of our rugs is 100% produced within the country, from weaving through to finishing (see video for more details!). This means that Afghanistan's artisans capture more value for their work. In addition, 20% of the value of the carpet goes towards the Turquoise Mountain Foundation and their programmes which provide vital support to artisans across Afghanistan. 


Designed by Clare Le Grelle for ISHKAR, this carpet is one of three contemporary designs that draw inspiration from Afghanistan's main arterial rivers, the Arghandab, the Hari, and the Amu Darya. Le Grelle notes, “These carpets depict a moment in the life of these majestic rivers, and are a tribute to the life they spread.”


This carpet is woven using Ghazni wool, a variety of wool unique to Afghanistan. Ghazni wool is known for its luxuriant finish, as well as its unique way of absorbing colour which gives the carpets Abrash - the technical term used to describe the mottled effect given by each strand of wool's subtle variation of colour.