The Sitareh

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Photograph by Bashayer Ali. Edition of 50. Available with frame and mounting, or as an individual print. For delivery please refer to the production tab below. 


Our handmade frames are made with American black walnut, giving a classic contemporary look. Framed photographs also come with an off-white mounting which helps draw out the image. 

Print Quality

Photographs professionally printed on high quality Hahnemüle Bamboo paper.  paper. The paper has a pure white base with exceptional black density, contrast and reproduction detail. The silky smooth reflective coating enhances the detail and definition of the images. 310 gsm. 


Photograph prints are based on the typical A5, A4, A3 and A2 sizing. However each print size varies slightly to match the photograph dimensions. This photograph is available in the following sizes: 

Small Print: 177mm × 230mm [Including 10mm border]

Standard Print: 238mm × 304mm [Including 20mm border]

Large Print: 350mm × 446mm [Including 30mm border]

Small Framed Edition: 216mm × 270mm [Including 10mm mount & frame]

Standard Framed Edition: 289mm × 362mm [Including 20mm mount]

Large Framed Edition: 392mm × 492mm [Including 30mm border & frame]

* Please note that the frame dimensions may look different to the image below depending on the size of the image to frame ratio. Email for exact frame dimensions. 

Production time


Each photograph is professionally printed in a London studio. Once ready, prints are shipped flat or in a sturdy cardboard tube and secured on both sides. 

* For addresses in the UK, delivery will take up to 2-3 business days. 
*  International shipping is available to all destinations. For Europe estimated delivery is 4-5 business days, and for the rest of the world 5-12 business days.

Framed Editions:

Each photograph is professionally printed, mounted and framed by a bespoke London framer. Once ready, framed editions are protected on all sides with foam carefully fitted to the edges.

* For addresses in the UK estimated delivery is up to 12 business days. 
* International shipping is available to all destinations. Estimated delivery is 14 business days. 

* ISHKAR is not responsible for customs duties or taxes on international shipments, nor is it responsible for delays associated with the import process.


I took this photo in old Sana'a in 2017. The Sitarah is a Yemeni garment worn by the elderly women in the historic part of the city. Though the Sitarah is associated specifically with Old Sana’a, I believe its vibrancy and grace embodies the spirit of all Yemeni women.
Bashayer Ali

The photographer

Bashayer Ali is a Yemeni artist born and raised in Saudi Arabia, though returning to Yemen for her University education. Drawn to the complexity and vibrancy of Yemeni streets, Bashayer's principal interest is street photography. She seeks out underreported stories in Yemen which require urgent documentation. Bashayer's work has been exhibited in Sana'a and Paris. She still believes that there are countless stories on the streets of Yemen that needs to be documented.

the concept

In war-torn countries the vast majority of professional photographers work for news agencies. This means their work is often focused on coverage of conflict. Our project is motivated by the opportunity to give talented photographers an entirely new outlet for their work. Through this project we hope to reveal a side to war-torn countries rarely seen in the international media.
Photo by Bashayer Ali