twenty-six left

Lead Editor - Louis Prosser

Contributors - Louis Prosser, Edmund Le Brun, Harriet Nix

Graphic Design & Layout - Automne Studio

Printed on 100% recycled paper by Imprimerie Fabbro


While encountering the tragedy of war was a part of our experience living in Afghanistan, so too was discovering the country's rich heritage, culture, and craftsmanship.

Through this, our first publication, we hope to share stories which provide a rare window onto lands known for their distinctive culture long before they were known for war.

In this first edition, take a voyage to Timbuktu and back, learn how the Islamic Golden Age was fundamental to the European Age of Enlightenment, and read about how Noah's ark is being rebuilt in modern-day Iraq.


I. From Here to Timbuktu 
What has become of the libraries and manuscripts of this ancient centre of scholarship?

II. Craft: An Economic Force?
The craft industry has massive potential, and it's bigger than you'd expect.

III. The Caravan of a Thousand Camels
The bizarre tale of the obsession of Arab scholars with Greek philosophy, and how this impacted the European Renaissance.

IV. Rugs of War
What do rugs have to tell us about the experience of war in Afghanistan?

V. Is an Ark the Answer?
Could the key to Iraq's environmental crisis lie in the boat weaving techniques of ancient Mesopotamians?

VI. Handmade? So What?
Once seen as a hipster trend, the desire for handmade goods has become thoroughly mainstream.

VII. Soqotra
Yemen's best kept secret is "just so weird." 

Louis Prosser - Editor

Louis Prosser is a freelance writer based in Beirut. He speaks good Farsi and a little Arabic, and his interests lie in middle eastern history and culture. 

Automne Studio - Graphic Design

Autumn Studio is a creative design studio based in Paris, Toulouse, and Amsterdam specialised in the fields of graphic arts, communication and audiovisual production.