Our Story

Our names are Flore and Edmund, and we set up ISHKAR after meeting and living in Afghanistan together for three years. 

We arrived in Afghanistan expecting to find the country we were so used to seeing on the news: arid landscapes, soldier lined streets, extreme poverty. And while this is part of what we came to know, our experience was much more shaped by our encounters with Afghanistan’s extraordinary craftsmanship, ancient heritage and outstanding natural beauty.

Through our curated collection of pieces - each made by an artisan whose practice has been affected by war - we hope to provide a window onto countries known for their rich culture long before they were known for war.

Flore & Edmund

Our Products

All the products we sell are guided by a common aesthetic and purpose. 

Made slow to live long

All over the world, craftsmen are coming under threat from mass production. In countries experiencing conflict this threat is all the more acute. Through ISHKAR we want to create a sanctuary for craftsmanship in its purest form: valuing slow production over fast, the human hand over the machine, natural materials over the synthetic.    


All too often age-old craftsmanship is combined with age-old design. We believe craftsmanship is at its best when guided by contemporary design and imagination. That’s why many of the products we sell are the result of collaborations between top international designers and craftsmen on the ground.